Back to school

Back to school
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All the Indian girls will understand this when I say that we are extremely jealous of the back to school concept that exists in the Western world. I mean what does back to school mean for us? Tying up our hair in pony tails and braids and wearing our school uniform and covering our copies in boring brown paper! *sob sob*

But still I wanted to do a back to school (maybe college) sort of post which was includes fun and comfy clothes!

I love love love this maxi simply because the fabric is such a soft jersey material and is so breathable especially because its so hot and humid in Delhi right now, it is a saviour!

Tying a denim shirt around he waist makes everything so much more casual, laidback and back to school typish! *yaaaay*

Mint backpack, sneakers and drop earring with reflectors completed my look.

And ofcourse a taupe lipgloss, have I told you guys I have been obsessed with taupe lips? Oh yeah!

 Outfit details:

Maxi: Forever 21
Shirt: Wrangler
Shoes: Bata
Bag: Mesh bag
Shades: Vincent Chase
Earring: Avon
Bracelet: Bought in Manali

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